3 Sisters Whaler's Middle Reef
Beto's Reef Montana
Crossroads Pinnacle Naia's Wall
Cypress Canyon Organ Pipes
D3 (Kindergarden) Outer-Tijuana
Deep-E3 Paul's Promise
Deep-Tijuana Pinnacle Point Wall
E3 (Elephant Ear Edge) Road To Twin Peaks
Ed's Staircase San-Diego
Edward Cooper's Wall Sea Mount
El Paso Shortcut Reef
F3 and G3 T0
Granite Point Pinnacles T4
Granite Point Wall T5
Great Pinnacle Texas
H3 The Needle (Half-Dome)
Hole in the Wall Thumbs Up
Honeymoon Rocks Tijuana
Ian's Castle Twin Peaks
Marco's Pinnacle Uncle Phil's Deep Trench
Middle Cove Canyon