Project Baseline

What It's All About
How you can get Involved
Detailed information on Google Earth

What It's All About

Project Baseline is a grassroots, environmental conservation initiative. Our organization exists to support people who are invested in water quality and availability by providing a platform that gives voice to otherwise under- or undocumented aquatic areas. We started as an organization built around underwater cave and open water divers.

Project Baseline encourages people to use pictures, video, dive logs, and observations already being collected for personal records, and upload that data into our database. Observations that are cataloged in an accessible, defensible and consistent manner can be used over time to gain a deeper understanding of each place visited by everyday adventurers. We are thrilled to be part of the Citizen Scientist movement that, when managed effectively, can be extremely influential in any number of scientific or public policy applications.


BAUE's contribution to Project Baseline will start with gathering data within the Point Lobos Marine Park. This data will start off with a number of simple data points that any diver can capture. They are:

- Visibility
- Depth
- Temperature
- Underwater Life Observed
- Overall Health of Site

These specific data points will be captured at six well known sites within the reserve. These sites are:

Worm Patch
Hole in the Wall
Lone Metridium
Sea Mount
End of Middle Reef
End of Granite Point Wall

In addition to the data we will also be capturing photo and video evidence that will be held on the BAUE project baseline site.

How you can get involved
There is no sign up roster, no special training, and anyone who is a BAUE member can collect data and participate each time you dive at Point Lobos. All you need to do is collect the data from one of the sites above, then come back and enter that information in an online form.

The form is available here: Online Form

If you take any pictures or video you can upload that information here: BAUE Project Baseline Photo/Video folders

If you want to see how all this data is shown in Google Earth then I encourage you to download a free version from Google and add the following network location into Google Earth.

This link will allow you to see all the sites, add your information on the online form, see all the data from all the sites, and view all the pictures and video.

Detailed Information on adding the location information into Google Earth

5/14/13 Update: Google Earth is being transitioned to a new interface in the coming months. This new interface is currently being tested by the site managers.

1. Download Google Earth and start the application
2. On the left hand side menu you will see Places. Under Places you will see My Places. Right click on My Places and a small menu comes up. Choose Add, then choose Network Link.
3. Type in Point Lobos into the Name field and then copy and paste the above network link into the Location field.
4. You should now see something like this:

Hover your mouse over the icons and explore the individual areas.

For more information on project baseline visit the Project Baseline Website.