Nudibranch Survey Results

Nudibranch Survey Results

October 25, 2008

We surveyed nudibranchs on two dives, targeting different depths on the two dives.  The first survey was conducted by paralleling the 60' survey line, slightly deeper than the line.  The result was a survey averaging 70'.  During our 40 minute survey, we covered the entire area that the survey line covered, starting at the end of the line on the southwest side, and completing the horseshoe at the southeast side. 

The second survey was conducted along the bottom of the pinnacle, including some of the rubble areas at the base of the pinnacle, averaging a depth of 95'.  This survey was conducted entirely on the east side of the pinnacle, and included portions of the pinnacle extending south of the end of the survey line.  On both dives, we swam along the survey area, counting any species of slug that we passed.  In addition to the species noted during the survey, two Doto amyra were spotted on the survey areas (one on a setup dive, and one by the photography team).  So we know that this species was present on the pinnacle as well.

First Dive:Second Dive:
Time: 40 min
Temp: 51 F
Surge: 1-4'
Average Depth (during survey): 69, Min: 62, Max: 77
Viz: 30 feet
Time: 25 min
Temp: 53F
Avg Depth: 95'
Surge: 1-3'

Name Photo Dive 1Dive 2
Cadlina luteomarginata
Peldodoris nobilis
Dialula sandiegensis
Hermissenda crassicornis
Doriopsilla albopunctata
Doris montereyensis
Adalaria jannae (or Onchidoris muricata)
Rostanga pulchra

Flabellina trilineata
Aegires albopunctatus

Tritonia festiva04
Limacia cockerelli01