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6/7/2009 Pt Lobos by Dionna House -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Chad Fazio, Doug Simmons, Dionna House
Visibility: 10' - 30' Time:12:00 AM
Temp: 50F - 53F Surge: 1'
Max Depth: 90FSW Avg Depth: 60FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:

I was very lucky to be asked to dive with Doug Simmons, and Chad Fazio. It was very sweet. As we entered into park, the seas were flatter than flat. Chad talked about his desperate need to do a Thelma & Louise off the Lobos ramp with his environmentally safe truck. I hope he wasn't thinking about doing this with me in the car!!! :-0

As we geared up we had a little entertainment at the park by a young fella verbalizing his hatred for California budget and Schwartzneger that Ranger Chuck had to be called to monitor the scene. What I learned from this is... "Smoking is all mental" quote from the psycho visitor
:-O... YIKES!! Oh well back to diving.

We planned our dive to go to Beto's reef and to the Lone Metridium and home. Chad and Doug wanted a good orientation to get out to the Hole in the Wall, Beto's Reef and the Lone metridium We did our GUE EDGE and kicked out. We descended about 50ft south of Hole in the Wall. Showed the guys the hole and went north west to Sea Mount. Showed the guys Sea Mount, then went a littl further to Beto's Reef. We stayed at 85-90ft for a short time and headed south to the Lone Metridium. We spotted a few vermilions and one big lingcod. We went south of the Lone Metridium and around back to Hole in the Wall. Started kicking in on the sand channel when Chad gave me the signal to end the dive. He looked rather uncomfortable. We made a leisurely ascent, Doug and I taking our time at 5-10ft. We surface with Chad needing to do a rather fast swim back to the ramp. ;-) Sorry Chad.. now you know how the women feel. 2 times!!!

I sat out to read on the second dive, Felicity went for a hike, the guys went out on their own to look for Hole in the Wall and the Middle Reef.

We had a little more entertainment from the vocal visitor and finished up the day at Turtle Bay. 38 is Chad's lucky number!!!

5/30/2009 Mount Chamberlin aboard Escapade by Alberto Nava -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Susan Bird, Alberto Nava, Joseph (Karl) Haywood
Visibility: 15' - 50' Time:9:55 AM
Temp: 46F - 53F Surge:  
Scooter: Gavin Short Burn Time:  
Max Depth: 228FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time: 0:35 Total Time: 1:35
Bottom Gases: 15/55Deco Gases:EAN50,O2
Backgas Config: Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
After 39 hrs underwater in Mx with 76F degrees I was looking forward to some real diving with 50F water, 20ft vis, dry gloves, 400 undies ;-)

We boarded the Escapade early in the morning and the small group of T2 divers headed towards Yankee Point Area. The ocean was super flat and the fog was high in the sky so there wasn't much to worry about. On the way, we visited a pod of about 50 Risso dolphins who had congregated to play very close to shore just north of Point Joe. They looked like they might be feeding, and they were slapping their flukes and jumping out of the water in bursts of excitement.

After tearing ourselves away from the dolphins, Dionna, Mark, Susan, Karl and myself headed for a dive at Mt Chamberlin. The plan was to dive the K3 dive site but starting more at the north-end tip which would make for a shorter swim or scooter ride to the west side on the wall.

Capt Bligh deployed the hook and very shortly afterwards we jumped into the calm water. First thing I noticed was that the water was a bit colder than Mx, but not bad. The next thing I noticed was that when I hit the trigger my scooter propelled me backwards at a very good pace :-(. I had accidentally connected the power plugs in an inverted position, so I had to hand the scooter back to Michael and Jim on the boat... and they did a great job of reconnecting it the right way :-).

Karl, Susan and myself descended with Mark and Dionna following behind. The down-line was almost vertical which made for a more difficult scootering descent while trying to stay on the line, but after a few minutes we made it to the bottom at about 170ft.

We found a canyon on the north end of the structure and followed it out to the edge of the wall at about 200ft. We looked around for a few seconds and Susan gave the signal to go down. We descended to about 225-230' and motored on the way south for a little bit. Susan found some nice basket stars and there were some very large lingcods and vermillions.

After about 20min of enjoying the scenery, we headed back to the canyon and returned to the down-line location. After that we motored along the K2 wall and as we were looking at the terrain we saw Mark and Dionna in the distance. We signaled them to join us at the wall and we spent another 10min playing in the 150-140area.

The interesting thing about this site is that the proliferation of colorful marine life extends well beyond the 180ft range, in to the deeper water. We had the pleasure of observing yellow & orange sponges, elephant ears, healthy gargonians, multiple clusters of juvenile fishes congregating around outcroppings, crabs, treefish, hydrocorals, etc. during all portions of the dive. Towards the end of our adventure we found some really large hermisendas with a vibrant red coloration, and also a war bonnet out in the open.

We eventually made it to the top of K2 and were able to locate the 60ft peak. The water here was greener/murkier than at depth, dropping from 50ft viz at the bottom to about 20ft near the top of the pinnacle. There were some large sheepheads challenging our presence on their turf, and some very large schools of blue rock-fish.

After about 50min of diving we deployed our SMB and started our drift deco.

All in all it was a great way to get back into cold water
diving :-).

On the way home, Capt Bligh got a call from the whale boats, and we were able to see a blue whale swimming along the calm surface of the sea. We got close enough to clearly hear the whale exhale through its blowhole. Very cool!

To complete a perfect morning, Jim (AKA: Bligh) took us out to visit the Risso dolphins one more time. They had relocated slightly further off-shore, but were still up to their dolphin-esque antics. Sadly, Jim missed a golden photo opportunity to catch 3 dolphins jumping in tandem above the surface... oh well, maybe next time Jim!

Monterey diving rocks!

I was so inspired that I went home and mowed the (jungle-like) lawn.

5/25/2009 Breakwater by Matt Vieta -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Matt Vieta, Leah Wadler
Visibility: 5' - 20' Time:9:00 AM
Temp:   Surge:  
Max Depth: 41FSW Avg Depth: 33FSW
Bottom Time: 1:10 Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Single HP100Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
After attempting to get into Lobos, and checking out CRB, Leah and I ended up a the Breakwater. The parking lot was almost empty and we decided to check out the wall.

We had a mother and baby otter pass within 10 feet of us on our surface swim out to the 7 marker. We dropped down in the sand and almost immediately came upon a huge number of Hermissendas. I don't think I've ever seen so many in such a small area. There must have been at least 50 in a 1M square area. We also spotted a Dendronotus iris on our way to the wall.

We wandered up and back on the wall finding lots of slugs such as:

Polycera atra
Okenia rosacea
Limacia cockerelli
Triohpa catalinae
Flabellina trilineata
Hermissenda crassicornis
Dendronotus iris

We also saw the usual complement of dorids. This was my first time finding a Polycera atra! We were buzzed by a sea lion on the way home.

Great dive!

5/24/2009 Twin Peaks by Mark Lloyd -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Ian Puleston, Harry Wong, Mark Lloyd
Visibility: 20' - 80' Time:12:00 AM
Temp: 48F Surge:  
Scooter: X-scooter Burn Time:  
Max Depth: 158FSW Avg Depth: 76FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time: 1:14
Bottom Gases: 21/35Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:AL40
Deco Profile:
I talked Harry Wong into letting me dive with him, Ian, and Chris at Lobos on Sunday. The plan was to go out to Twin Peaks, spend 15 mins out there poking around and enjoying the area then back in again. We were diving 21/35 and doing our deco on 50%. Harry was on a long body Gavin, Ian was diving a short body, and Chris and I were on X’s. Once we our of the cove the vis opened up quite nicely and once past Beto’s reef we estimated it to be around 70-80′. Since there was no sun up it was a bit dim but you could still make out structures from quite a distance. The team stayed together very well and once we made it out to TP, Harry requested a few ‘fly bys’ for his video shots. Ian and I spotted a number of big Tritonia festiva nudis and the usual rockfish were in the neighborhood. We scootered around the end and headed back in towards the Sisters then over to Betos till we reached our deco depth. After deco we fought our way back through the kelp and back to the boat ramp. Our surface interval consisted of lunch, of course, and chatting to Chris about diving in the LA area. After lunch we decided to do our next dive out to Granite Point Wall. Chris was diving with his wife so it was just Ian, Harry, and me. After arriving at the wall Harry again wanted to some video so I aimed my scooter right at him through a nice rock crevice and attempted to go over the camera. One small problem, his light got in the way… clunk! “Ahead all stop captain”. No damage and a lot of laughing.. we continued on. After we left the wall and were over the sand patch Ian found what looked like a stingray, except it was rock hard. We guessed it was an old whale bone and after playing with that for a while we headed back around to Middle Reef and finished our deco then scootering back in on the surface. Great day of diving, no sun, but can’t have it all.
5/3/2009 Monastery North by Mark Lloyd -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Harry Babicka, Dionna House
Visibility: 20' - 40' Time:10:30 AM
Temp: 50F - 51F Surge:  
Max Depth: 100FSW Avg Depth: 52FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time: 0:59
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
Where to go on Sunday? The vis in the Monterey Bay was rumored to be 10-20′ which is not really good enough to drive down to. No of us had Lobos reservations so Dionna suggested Monastery, which I had never done after all the years of diving here. You can only really do Monastery when the swell and waves are very small as it can be very dangerous otherwise. We set up our tables at the North end on the beach then humped our gear down and set it on the tables. Harry just purchased his table this morning and obviously they know the DIR crowd likes them as they now make the legs DIR black instead of shiny aluminum. We then geared up and swam out about 5 mins before dropping down. I could clearly see the bottom for most of the swim out but near the end I lost site which looked to be about 40′. As we dropped down Harry who was leading followed the wall on the right till we leveled off at 100′. The usual slugs and fish were waiting for us and after about 20 mins we turned the dive and followed the wall back in. Again, lots of the usual varieties of rockfish, nudibranches, kelp, and a few nice Greenlings but nothing out of the ordinary. As we got closer in we ventured into the shallows and poked in all the holes we could find trying to see if anything was home. Lots of krill about and large schools of Tube-Snout. As we reached 10′ Harry called it and then the fun began. Getting my fins off I attempted to scramble up the sand but the sand acted like a treadmill and it took 3 or 4 attempts before I made it out of the water. I was glad the table was there because I was pooped at the effort. After a short rest we all trekked our gear back to the cars and Dionna and I stopped at Sea Harvest in the mall to have lunch. Nice dive site but I’m not sure the effort is worth it.
A few topside pictures here:
5/3/2009 Pt Lobos by John Heimann -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Matt Vieta, John Heimann
Visibility: 10' - 30' Time:10:30 AM
Temp: 50F - 50F Surge:  
Scooter: Gavin Short Burn Time:  
Max Depth: 132FSW Avg Depth: 120FSW
Bottom Time: 0:35 Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: 21/35Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double LP80Deco Tanks:AL40
Deco Profile:
Matt and I went back to see if we could find Okenia Felis (the new species of nudibranch that Allison, Rob, and I collected recently) again. After about 15 minutes of hunting in the general area where we'd found them before, and where I found them again with Clinton, Matt spotted one on the rock. We hunted around for a while and found two more. Both Matt and I want to go back to that area - it's deep enough not to have seen much traffic and therefore has the prospects of offering new species, but easy to get to with the proper tools.
4/25/2009 Pt Lobos by Dionna House -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Masao Yoshimura, Dionna House, Andreas Huber
Visibility: 40' - 60' Time:10:00 AM
Temp: 46F - 48F Surge: 3'
Max Depth: 62FSW Avg Depth: 40FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double LP80Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:

Sorry this is late, I had the pleasure to dive with Masao, Andrea, and Andreas on the BAUE project fair. After discussing our GUE EDGE, we all geared up and surface swam out to about the 30ft worm patch. We made our descent as a team and swam out to hole in the wall. It has been awhile since I swam out. We went through the small canyon just before hole in the wall. Andrea saw many nudibranchs. We arrived at the eastside of hole in the wall and swam around to the west side to look through, I saw a large vermillion. After meandering around, it was time to turn the dive. I went east to come in on the west side of the middle reef in hopes to check out Itchy and Scratchy. They were not around for a visit. We meandered around to the east side of the middle reef looking at all the sponges,crabs,anenomes,nudibranchs and topography while heading south west into the sandchannel. I was hoping there would be a leopard shark or a ray in the sand. No such luck!! We made a slow ascent to the surface and kicked in quickly due to being cold. Great dive and great fun.
4/21/2009 Monastery South by Clinton Bauder -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Clinton Bauder, Robert Lee
Visibility: 40' Time:9:30 PM
Temp: 49F Surge: 2'
Max Depth: 45FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time: 1:15 Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Single HP100Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
Rob sent me an email on Monday complaining about the miserably hot weather and suggesting we should do a night dive to cool off. This certainly seemed logical to me. With a very flat forecast and good vis recently in Carmel we decided to go visit the harbor seals at South Monastery.

We've had good luck in the past diving at dusk with the seals. They tend to figure out that if they hang out at the edge of your light they can see the fish but the fish can't see them. Easy fishing! It looked promising early as several seals checked us out on the swim out. On the downside my HID light kept losing its strike. I eventually concluded the cord must be bad and started to get a bit grumpy as I'm leaving for a dive trip in 2 weeks and really didn't feel like arranging for an emergency repair. Ah well, at least my LED backup light worked and was bright enough to make do with.

We dropped down into very clear water. It's hard to judge visibility at night but I'll conservatively estimate 40 feet. Right away I started to feel better about being on the backup light as Rob was instantly surrounded by a thick cloud of krill and small fish. The little backscatter causing critters seemed much less entranced by my wimpy backup light.

For some reason the seals kept their distance during the dive. We saw plenty of them and Rob says he saw them take a few fish but it wasn't as intense a show as I'm used to.

While Rob was struggling to figure out how to shoot seals inside his cloud of shrimp I started looking for little things. I'd brought macro thinking that seals were too difficult to shoot at night. Certainly was an interesting dive for critters as I found a snailfish, some kind of clingfish and various slugs and worms.

Getting out at Monastery can be a bear but it's great at night when the only lights are your own and you can see every star in the sky. Certainly better than roasting at home in my non-air conditioned apartment. Dinner was at In N Out in Gilroy which conveniently is open after midnight.

Back home I discovered the bulb on my light had come loose from the socket explaining the failure. Fixed that and the light now works perfectly. Whew!

Images Here

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