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COYOTE 03-13-2011 07:20 PM

3/13/2011 Hopkin's Deep Reef aboard HarryB's Boat by Dionna House
<b>3/13/2011 <a href="/reports/dive_locations.php?locationId=17">Hopkin's Deep Reef</a> aboard <a href="/reports/dive_boats.php?boatId=16">HarryB's Boat</a> </b>by Dionna House -- <a href="/reports/trip_reports.php?reportId=502">[View in Reports Page]</a><br><br><table width="600"><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Team:</td><td>Harry Babicka, Dionna House
</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Visibility:</td><td>7' - 15'</td><td>Time:</td><td>12:00 AM</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Temp:</td><td>55F</td><td>Surge:</td><td>3'</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Max Depth:</td><td>75FSW</td><td>Avg Depth:</td><td>55FSW</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Time:</td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>Total Time:</td><td>0:40</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Gases:</td><td>EAN32</td><td>Deco Gases:</td><td> </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Backgas Config:</td><td>Double LP80</td><td>Deco Tanks:</td><td> </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3" valign="Middle"><td>Deco Profile:</td><td><pre></pre></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td COLSPAN="4">After hearing the dive reports of being good after the Tsunami, Harry B and I wanted to take his boat out for a test drive and dive. He had it serviced with new and improved parts. ;-) Getting up one hour early was the hardest part of the day. We arrived and chatted with Carol and Royston for a bit. Got the boat in the water. The boat started right up and we motored out. We were greeted by a pod of 40 Risso dolphins as we turned the corner at the Breakwater. We followed them for some time towards Del Monte and cheered when they breached and twirled in mid air. We motored out to see where to anchor, and get other dive reports. The boat was purring like a kitty. Yay for the boat. Came up to Carol's and John's boats at Trevor's. They reported about 10ft, surge and current. Harry and I decided to anchor at Hopkins Deep. There was no wind or surface current and it seem very calm and peaceful. We got down and tied off on the anchor and reeled around. Saw the usual suspects. Alot of fish hiding inside the cracks and crevises. Saw a nice cabezon. Most of the Metridium were shrivelled up.. :( There was a strong slow surge. Harry thought the vis was 10ft at most. I thought it was about 20ft at most. Back on board, Harry let me take the wheel. There were big long swells as I drove in toward Breakwater. At one time it looked like we were driving up a hill of water. Very weird. Just did one dive. Harry's back was bothering him from all the Hockey he plays. We came in and chatted with Carol, Larry and Royston. We ordered our usual sandwiches from the Deli and called Mark Lloyd to offer him a pork sandwich. Teased him about the BBQ aromas. Not too much stands between Mark and his pork sandwich on dive days on Harry's boat, but, today it was school work that kept Mark home. <br><br>On the way out we stopped by and chatted with other BAUE folks just coming off the Escapade and hearing about their dive. Thank-you Mary Jo for the delicious brownies!! <br><br>Despite not the best conditions in the bay... it was fun. </td></table>

marlloyd 03-13-2011 07:44 PM

That was painful with no Pork sandwiches to be found here!

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