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suzanne 09-01-2014 03:16 PM

Thank you for the R3 Congrats
Thanks to everyone who sent R3 Congratulations and offers to dive! R3 is a terrific class. I highly recommend it as a next step after Fundies or in preparation for T1.

Beto is a wonderfully supportive instructor offering many suggestions for improving diving. Paul Festa was a terrific buddy for the class. He is clearly headed for great things in his diving. Big Thanks to both Beto and to Paul.

We had a memorable Experience Dive at Beto's Reef with red gorgonians, a huge Vermillion, big chubby Lings, a cormorant, a school of juvenile Rock fish and a shimmering silvery school of 3-4" fish I don't know, but breathtakingly beautiful.

I look forward to R3 dives at Lobos with other R3 divers in October or thereafter.


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