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rhlee 01-02-2009 06:53 PM

1/2/2009 Mount Chamberlin aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Robert Lee
<b>1/2/2009 <a href="/reports/dive_locations.php?locationId=86">Mount Chamberlin</a> aboard <a href="/reports/dive_boats.php?boatId=7">Phil Sammet's RIB</a> </b>by Robert Lee -- <a href="/reports/trip_reports.php?reportId=377">[View in Reports Page]</a><br><br><table width="600"><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Team:</td><td>Robert Lee, Allison Lee, John Heimann
</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Visibility:</td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>Time:</td><td>8:00 AM</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Temp:</td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>Surge:</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Max Depth:</td><td>160FSW</td><td>Avg Depth:</td><td>150FSW</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Time:</td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>Total Time:</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Gases:</td><td>21/35</td><td>Deco Gases:</td><td>EAN50 </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Backgas Config:</td><td>Double HP100</td><td>Deco Tanks:</td><td>AL80 </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3" valign="Middle"><td>Deco Profile:</td><td><pre>5,3,2,2,3,10,5 up</pre></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td COLSPAN="4">Starting the year off on the right foot, John set up a date with Phil for a short dive on the first work day of 2009. The conditions were pristine when we met at Lobos, and Phil soon overruled John's pleas for E3 and headed around the corner.<br><br>After much juggling of numbers and scrutiny of the depth sounder readings, we finally settled on an anchorage in 80' that promised quick access to 170'. As we dropped the anchor, it seemed like we could see the downline almost all the way down (w00t).<br><br>We dropped into no surface current and amazing viz (50-60'+ ?), but as soon as we hit the reef, we were in a fairly brisk bottom current. We worked the reef which turned out to be the backside (W/SW) of the K2 pinnacle until our fleeting bottom time expired.<br><br>Deco was mostly uneventful, save for a close Mola encounter at the 10' stop; we had a ~6' beast swim within 10' of us headed for the depths. As much as we wanted to chase it, it wasn't meant to be :-(<br><br>In any case, a great way to start off the new diving year. A few pictures here:<br><br><br><br></td></table>

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