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beto 11-21-2008 10:59 PM

11/21/2008 Mount Chamberlin aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Alberto Nava
<b>11/21/2008 <a href="/reports/dive_locations.php?locationId=86">Mount Chamberlin</a> aboard <a href="/reports/dive_boats.php?boatId=7">Phil Sammet's RIB</a> </b>by Alberto Nava -- <a href="/reports/trip_reports.php?reportId=371">[View in Reports Page]</a><br><br><table width="600"><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Team:</td><td>Susan Bird, Alberto Nava
</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Visibility:</td><td>100' - 100'</td><td>Time:</td><td>10:30 AM</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Temp:</td><td>50F - 52F</td><td>Surge:</td><td>10'</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Max Depth:</td><td>215FSW</td><td>Avg Depth:</td><td>180FSW</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Time:</td><td>0:40</td><td>Total Time:</td><td>1:40</td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Bottom Gases:</td><td>15/55</td><td>Deco Gases:</td><td>50/25,O2 </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3"><td>Backgas Config:</td><td>Double </td><td>Deco Tanks:</td><td> </td></tr><tr bgcolor="#E3E3E3" valign="Middle"><td>Deco Profile:</td><td><pre>7,5s, 24</pre></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td COLSPAN="4">Susan and I dove from Phil’s RIB today. After a very calm week Thursday night brought some larger swells (11ft) and strong winds 20-25knots. However, the weather was not formidable enough to get our team to abort so we went out to see what the ocean was like. We headed to D3 but the swells were too large to dive in such close proximity to very large rocks. Fortunately Phil decided it was good enough to head south and get away from the rocky areas and sandy bottom. So we headed towards Yankee Point and anchored at K3.<br><br>We jumped in to find a crystal clear blue water . We did our checks and motored to the top of the pinnacle at about 110ft. From there we headed West crossing some nice sand fields in the 130-140ft range until we got to the edge of the Wall. We stopped for a second to check on each other before descending to our target depth of 220ft. <br><br>Once settled at depth we started traveling along the wall. Sue found a couple of nice basket stars and we encountered some very large lingcods on our path. After about 10min we reached a deep crevice on the reef. This was probably an old water path formed when this part of the reef was above sea level. The big crevice was filled with a huge school of rock-fish, and you could see it dropping to about 250ft. We headed up through the crevice and saw several big overhangs inhabited by many fish. <br><br>After what seemed like a very short 20min we moved to 150ft and found some very large patches covered with red gorgonians and huge school of fish. There were hundreds of gorgonian bushes. We spent several minutes taking in this breath-taking view, and then headed south towards K2 pinnacle. We followed a massive wall with a big overhand. We saw several rosy rockfish and some very large vermillion. After 10min in the area we motored shallower to the edge of the south wall at 120ft. Here we saw several big sheep-heads and at one point we watched a vermilion rockfish and female sheep-head dancing together along the wall. A little harbor seal came and played hide & seek with us for a while and eventually we slowly moved up towards the top of the pinnacle that was at about 70ft. At this point the large swells were moving us 10ft back a forth which was pretty exciting to experience. We did our gas switch and headed for the sparse kelp that was at the top of the reef. I was surprised the kelp made it all the way to about 30ft. <br><br>This was a good reminder that big swell and wind sometimes brings some of the best diving :-)<br></td></table>

beto 11-22-2008 10:41 AM

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Here is a little map with the diving route.

marlloyd 11-22-2008 10:37 PM

Did you tow the RIFFE and the GPS to get the route?

beto 11-22-2008 11:15 PM

No we didn't tow the RIFFE. I used the path profile tool in GlobalMapper to
estimate the route. Nice thing with the profiler is you get the depth graph over the path you draw.

The RIFFE will be nice but it's quite a lot of work for this kind of up/down profile.

Now it would have been nice to have the video camera .... next time...

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