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Default DUI XM450

With my DUI 400gm undergarment getting rather old and cold I checked out the DUI website for pricing of a replacement. To my surprise the 400gm Thinsulate product most of us are using is now marked with:

================================================== =
This DUI divewear model has been discontinued and is being replaced with new models in 2008 and 2009. While pricing remains the same, quantities and sizes are subject to stock on hand. Please contact the DUI Customer Service Team for current inventory.
================================================== =

The replacement is called XM450 and is a combination of thinsulate with polartec in selected "stretch areas". Where the older suit is rated by DUI at 35F to 50F, the new one is rated 26F - 45F. I am surprised that there hasn't been any discussion of this on any list I am following.

Does anyone know whether this change is going to be:
a: a stunning improvement?
b: a seamless equivalent?
c: a giant CF that will have us all scrambling to figure out what to do?

BTW, the new one is available starting in December 08

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