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The Gavin and SS both have variable-pitch props, as with the X. The X also has electronic speed shifting. The backend assembly of all 3 scooters are basically the same:

Not sure if the SS has speed shifting in the trigger, but the Gavins do not; speed is controlled by adjusting the prop pitch. The SS "trigger" is much like a motorcycle handle; it involves a wrist rotation (if that makes sense...).

On the X, speed can be controlled at the trigger, and/or by changing the prop pitch. Personally, I leave mine pitched all the way, and use the trigger shift.

Originally Posted by CHarnal View Post
Thanks for the info, Rob.

I would love to try a couple out, but I don't know many people with scooters in Sacramento. For the mean time I will have to rely on reading and opinions from people who have used them, such as yourself.

I really like the trigger mechanism on the Dive-X, I have not been able to find any up-close images of the trigger / speed control of the Gavin or SS. From what I understand, to change the prop pitch on the Gavin you need to stop and manually adjust the pitch? What about speed control? Is it a progressive trigger, or just a single pull and speed is based on the prop pitch?

With the SS, please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm assuming the prop pitch is controlled dynamically via some mechanism on the handle?
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