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thought I'd throw my .02:

While I own and love my Gavin, if I were you I'd get a Cuda. While the Cuda is certainly larger than a Sierra, it's lighter than the short bodied Gavin. The power and range of the Cuda puts it in it's own class of scooter, so for our longer distance runs it's a huge advantage. Right now we're diving our larger bodied (26 AH) Gavins for the longer scooter runs where a Gavin Short or Sierra would not have enough burn time.

While I've certainly had a decent amount of time diving the SS, I don't favor it because most of us in norcal dive either the Gavins or the Xs and having similar equipment is of value. Of course getting a used Gavin at bargain prices also has value too.

Originally Posted by CHarnal View Post
I've decided to pull the trigger and buy a scooter. They just look like too much fun.

My questions are:

1) I'm torn between a Sierra and a N-19. Why did you choose the scooter you did? What are the pros/cons to each from personal experience?

2) Anyone know of someone selling one or the other?


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There are advantages to the Sierra compared to the Cuda. Yes, the Cuda has longer battery life and better speed. However, the Sierra is nimbler and easier to handle, both in the water and when getting it in and out of the water (boat or beach).

It all depends on what type of diving you are planning to do with the scooter and what your preferences are.

Personally, I have a Sierra and it has served me well. I've looked at the Cuda but it's a lot bigger and I'm not sure I see a need to upgrade. Buying a scooter is a big investment so you might want to take both a Sierra and a Cuda for a test d(r)ive.
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I ended up buying a Sierra. Actually it's maiden voyage was at the Point Lobos Day. I was torn between the Sierra and the Cuda, but I figured if I ever need the range of a Cuda I can purchase the new DSS LIon battery and have the range of a cuda in the form factor of the Sierra.

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