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Originally Posted by BVillao View Post
Any ideas on how to safely transport a nudibranch without injury?

A small tupperware container perhaps? I guess we'll need "goodie bags" huh?

I haven't heard what pocket you are supposed to stuff these guys into...

(Sea cucumber in left pocket and crabs in right?)
Darn good question. I really have no idea. I guess small zip lock plastic bags would work for slugs - maybe punch a hole or two into them. Then put the baggie into a game bag. Sea Stars I'd worry about their tube feet getting all tangled up in a game bag. I know Pycnopoedias will shed feet pretty easily if they grab onto something like a drysuit pocket. Might have to just grab one and bring it back to the tub by hand. Larger crabs could go straight into a game bag - just don't get pinched. (hmm - need to make sure no kids get pinched either). Not sure about how to deal with little crabs like hermits.

I think Rob was talking about bringing a stage bottle to aerate the tubs we put the critter in occasionally. Apparently when they've done this in past years the critters "go to sleep" when the O2 runs out.

Beto or Susan - are Presenters going to be diving or strictly staying on land? (ie do I need to bring gear or not).
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Hi Clinton,

I don't think we have enough people to get the
presenters to stay dry. I think we should all plan on
getting in the water and looking for stuff. I think the kids
will probably like to see the presenter in drysuit so the can
ask some question.

The park will be open at 7:30 for us to get in a collect. Maybe the presenter
should go out with the first batch of specimens so they have more time to be
ready. While the other collect a few more.

I think rotating the water is a good idea, or putting some fresh air with a stage.

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Do we want to wave the BAUE flag? If not in our dive apparel is the uniform of the day the light blue BAUE shirt or anything with GUE on it?
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