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Default Hello and where should I go diving?

Hi everyone!

I am a passing Brit, here on business, and looking to get some dives in over the coming weekend (14 and 15 Feb). I am in San Fran but will be able to travel to Monterey where I hear there is some good diving to be had subject to weather.

I am DIR-F and TDI AN&DP qualified, currently in training for tech 1 in a couple of months. I am looking for some good fundies level dives or even just some advice about a good dive centre that can rent twins (I think you call them doubles over here), does nitrox and can give me a good guided dive or two.

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated, especially if it includes a space on a boat! Always better to have a solid recommendation than to book randomly over the internet.

Best regards

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I would check with the following for boats:


All are good boats.

For dive shops we use Anywater in San Jose but I've never seen any doubles for rental there. Bamboo Reef is also available in Monterey as are a number of other shops. Not sure about their rentals either.

What did you bring with you? Wing, regs, etc?
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Hi Kev,

Not sure what I'm up to this weekend yet. Normally this would mean that I'd be more than happy to show you around. Unfortunately this weekend isn't looking so hot from a weather standpoint.

Monterey Sea Conditions at a Glance

This doesn't necessarily make it undiveable and forecasts are often sound worse than the actual conditions. But it seems certain that at a minimum it's going to be surgy and stirred up. Worthwhile shore diving is probably going to be limited to Point Lobos and I don't have reservations for this weekend. Boat diving might be possible.

Anyway I'm leaning towards going to see the new Howard Hall IMAX movie instead of diving.


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Thanks guys. I have everything I need to dive with me apart from tanks, lead and buddies. I brought a singles rig as well in case I cannot get a twinset. There is no accounting for the weather though!

What is my best bet for a dive do you think?
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Name: Vladimir
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Hi Kev,
we're planning to go to Lobos with my buddy sunday (weather permitting of course), PM me if you interested.

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Name: Matt
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Default Doubles for rent

If you can't manage to borrow some and really want a set, I think Any Water Sports has a set of double 100s to rent - ask for Frank. If I'm going out this weekend, it will be with my girlfriend. She is pretty picky about conditions, so given the forecast we won't decide until the last minute.
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Thanks for all the replies everyone.

I had a great time diving in Monterey this weekend. I did some tourist dives at the breakwater on Saturday which actually were great. I saw a cormorant fishing on the reef, a harbour seal and a sea lion in the water for the first time.

Hats off to Kevin for taking me out diving today though. Lobos was closed (a rare event apparently, but there is always next time) so we had a splendid 90 minute tour of Monterey Bay instead. You just let me know when you want to do some metal in the English Channel my friend, would be a pleasure to repay your hospitality.


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