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Default 9/29/2012 Ship rock by Alberto Nava

9/29/2012 Ship rock by Alberto Nava -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Susan Bird, Alberto Nava
Visibility: Time:11:00 AM
Temp: Surge: 
Max Depth: Avg Depth: 
Bottom Time:0:35Total Time:1:40
Bottom Gases:21/35Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
During the weekend a group of BAUE divers visited Catalina Island for the 2012 GUE conference. As part of the conference the team was able to get some fun diving done, including destinationa as Ship Rock, Casino Point and others.

Susan and I had visited Catalina many years ago during the production of the "California Diving
DVD" way before there was a GUE community in the area and diving logistic for tech diving were extremely difficult at that time. For that reason we limited our depth to 100ft while using 32%, but I have always wanted to go back there with proper gear.

As we motored to Ship Rock on Saturday morning we had dolphins visiting the boat, and the clear blue water conditions made these creatures look more magnificent as they rode the ship's bow. The conditions were a bit knotty with winds and white caps but as we arrived at the site the boat was able to find a sheltered area, and as the say in the island... the pool is open!

Susan and I jumped in, clipped our 70ft bottles and scooters and motored to the rock. We descend to find warm, blue and clear water with nice kelp all the way to the surface. We dropped to about 100ft and headed north. After a couple of minutes we found our target for the first part of the dive. A series of large boulders going from 120-150ft. There we found many tall red gorgonias, several of which were covered with yellow zoanties making them like colorful chandeliers hanging from the boulders. We located a nice California Scorpion fish as we slowly travelled on the boulder for about 15min. After reaching the end of the wall we headed up to about 120ft and headed back to the top of the drop of. We ran into a large schools of fish, so thick that while Susan and I were no more than 10ft apart we could not see each others due to the fish moving around us.

After 30min of fun we headed up and entered a warm kelp forest full with Garibaldies, California Lobster and sea lions. We ascended in 5min interval every 10ft while slowly going around the rock and taking in these vistas as much as we could.

As we moved into the shallow section we encountered a large group of seal lions that we quite friendly. We hanged about 40min with this creatures and the more time we spend the more they relaxed and allow us to be part of the group. At some point both Susan and I were hovering upside how about 10ft from the surface while all the seas were locking at us, barking and moving their little arms.

After about 100min of fun we reluctantly headed back to the boat as the last divers were getting back on board.

An amazing dive I will always remember :-)

We all had a good time at the GUE conference sharing with old and new friends while doing some fun diving in Catalina.

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