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Default 9/18/2008 Grand Cenote by Kevin Dow

9/18/2008 Grand Cenote by Kevin Dow -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Kevin Dow, Don Chennavasin, Elissa Lee
Visibility:100'Time:11:02 AM
Max Depth:42FSWAvg Depth:31FSW
Bottom Time:2:34Total Time:2:34
Bottom Gases:EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config:Single,Double AL80Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
Don, Ellisa and I decided to do a stage dive up to Box Chen via Paso De Lagarto - Much's Maze lines. I ran the reel from the cavern line to the mainline. We traveled up the main line until we hit the Paso De Lagarto jump and then we took the jump. From there we continued on up until we were about a minute from the jump to Muches maze. I signaled the drop of the stages here in a tighter passage and while it wasn't my best stage drop we got it done and continued on to the jump where we jumped right. Much's Maze is a very very cool passage that has quite a bit of decorations, though it starts sorta like a phreatic tube. After coming to the EOL we jumped back onto the main line and turned right again. Maybe a minute later we were at the box chen jump where we jumped to the right onto Box Chen. We continued on that line where it got incredibly decorated. The line also was very very steep in some parts dipping down 10 feet before going 10 feet above your head in a very tight passage.

All to soon we turned the dive and headed back. The trip back seemed to fly by with the added benefit of a small amount of flow pushing us along. Back at the cavern line we decided to ditch the stages and do a bit more exploration on back gas, but soon after decided to end the dive due to ear clearing issues.

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