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Default 7/4/2010 Butterfly House aboard Escapade by Kenn Hwang

7/4/2010 Butterfly House aboard Escapade by Kenn Hwang -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Steve Dawson
Visibility:30' - 30'Time:10:00 AM
Temp:50F - 50FSurge:1'
Max Depth:83FSWAvg Depth:59FSW
Bottom Time: Total Time: 
Bottom Gases:EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config:Double LP80Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
I really appreciate the number of charters we've been having this year. The 4th of July trip was another 6.5 hour attempt to head south in search of blue water. When we arrived at Butterfly House, I thought it was the first time I've been there, but apparently we were there on the 3/14 boat as well. And the dive profile was nearly identical as well. The dive was characterized by great viz and awesome structure, it reminded me of being inside of a maze.

The second dive was at Eric's Pinnacle, which I certainly haven't seen before. The viz around the point had dropped drastically, and the surface was brown-green. Once we dropped 20ft or so, the layer lifted and we ended up with a nice 15ft or so of viz, just fine for exploring the small pinnacle. We circled our way up several times, noting multiple treefish near the bottom and a school of blue rockfish orbiting the top. The viz was a flurry of little sea creatures that made it difficult to see anything other than light and blue gloves, and since we missed the anchor on the way down, we surfaced farther than anyone else.

Susan and Beto hosted everyone afterwards to a great cook-out, which left me quite comatose by the time we got back to the Lone Oak.

Dive video: Butterfly House and Eric's Pinnacle

Party pics:

IMG SRC="http://imgur.com/vD53j.jpg">

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So distract Kevin while Steve grabs a hand full of gear and runs?
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