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Default 7/2/2011 Pt Lobos by Harry Wong

7/2/2011 Pt Lobos by Harry Wong -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Gary Banta
Visibility:3' - 70'Time:10:00 AM
Temp:48F - 51FSurge:5'
Scooter:Gavin LongBurn Time: 
Max Depth:110FSWAvg Depth:70FSW
Bottom Time: Total Time:1:40
Bottom Gases:EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config:Double LP80Deco Tanks:AL80
Deco Profile:
5, 2, 2,3,4,5
Point Lobos Diving on the East Side

The weather coming into Whaler's Cove was overcast, though San Jose and Carmel Valley was a sunny clear-blue-skies day and we were hoping it would clear up soon for our dive. More sun, more light and more visibility underwater was the hope. I got there a bit later than Gary who wanted to secure a good parking spot, fortunately I was able to park right next to him in my usual big blue van. Lots of tourists and not many divers today. Besides Gary and I were a few divers from Wallins.

Getting suited up in my fresh, just back from DUI, newly zippered and reseamed suit, I was DRY!

We headed out on the surface of Whaler's Cove, which was a dense mud puddle, on scooters with the kelp starting to get pretty thick. We dropped just past Worm Patch to 3 foot vis and chopped kelp salad. Gary was not optimistic that the dive was going to be worth the cost of 32%. I led the way along Middle Reef and turned at the end getting to Granite Wall. From there we went into Granite Point Pinnacles in a NE direction. The aim was to find "the arch". Vis had opened up to 15 to 20. We followed a path that was very cave-like: meandering, vertical walls that slowly got narrower. It was like cave diving, only with no overhead. We found a narrow crack that looked promising but finally shallowed out. It got pretty surgy in there and looked like it went to 20 feet, too shallow for want we wanted to do, so we went back. It was a half attempt to look for the mythical "Arch." From there I led us into Moss Cove Sand Channel. I always love to go down to the sandy bottom and pick up a handful. It amazes me how the makeup of the sand is half way between the Monastery Beach "Monster Berries" and the sandier, siltier Whaler's Cove sand.

Gary took over navigation from there and led us along the sand/boulder line NNE to his 90' reference which marked the south edge of Thumbs Up. From there we followed the contour north along the outer edge of Wall Street. Vis had opened up to 50 to 75. I found it magical as a school of Blue Rockfish descended upon us. They were swimming down upon us at a 45 degree angle which was a bit bewildering to me, but hey, they seemed to tolerate, if not like us. They completely surrounded us as we watch the gentle dance. We slowly kicked an motored along the Walls and pinnacles, all beautifully decorated.

Visibility: 20' at Granite Wall, then opening up to 30' in the crevice in Granite Point Pinnacles. The the farther we got out, the clearer it got with about 60' at Wall Street which is at the far north edge of the East Side. There the sun must have come out as it got a lot brighter even at 100' depth. Very very cool!!!

Current: there was definitely some along Granite Point Pinnacles as I could sense the slower speeds of our scooters at times.

Surge: very mild in Whaler's Cove and Granite Point Pinnacles, calm at Thumbs Up and Wall Street.

A very memorable dive after all.

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