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Default 10/16/2009 Pt Lobos by Harry Wong

10/16/2009 Pt Lobos by Harry Wong -- [View in Reports Page]

Bottom Team:Alberto Nava, Todd Lasman
Visibility:10' - 20'Time:12:00 AM
Temp: Surge: 
Scooter:Gavin LongBurn Time: 
Max Depth:105FSWAvg Depth: 
Bottom Time: Total Time:0:01
Bottom Gases:30/30Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config:Double LP80Deco Tanks:AL80
Deco Profile:
Hi, well, it's definitely back in the water for me this last
weekend! The day started out quite nicely, met Todd at 6 AM,
transferred gear to my van and got to Point Lobos to a relatively calm
seas. It was a west swell and our plan was to dive in that exposed
area, so I didn't expect great viz. Beto arrived shortly and we all
geared up.

This is a very long scooter dive and the name "Magical Mystery Tour"
came up when we dove this route some months ago. Magical because we'd
cover so much terrain that was SO varied in it's topography and
scenery. "Mystery" because you never know what will turn up traveling
this far and it presents a somewhat challenging navigation exercise,
especially in low viz. You have to keep your wits about on speed
direction, topography and lack of land marks. "Tour" because we're
just about constantly on the trigger to cover the long distances.

The good thing about scooters is that you can do quite a bit of
traveling underwater, the bad thing about scooters is that you can get
lost for the same reason. Hm...ask me how I know. ;-)

The plan was to navigate out to Granite Wall and head out to Mono Lobo
Wall, over on the Monastery side, then go west past the outer part of
Thumbs Up out to the tip of those pinnacles where Wall Street is and
be just within range of Montana, then navigate back south into
Whaler's cove.

We expected the trigger time on our scooters to be upwards of 55
minutes, so we all had the longer body Gavins. Max depth planned was
100' so we had Tx 30/30 in our doubles.

We scootered out on top and descended at the end of Middle Reef. At
the bottom at 40', I found that my dive computer failed. Hm..well I'm
leading the dive, so I motion to Todd to give me his computer (in
guage mode) and I gave him my bad one. I love interchangeable gear,
he'll just have to have faith in his buddies not leading him astray. ;-)

Viz at Whaler's Cove was "wonderful" at least you can see your
hands. ;-) When we got out to Granite Wall, it did not improve.

Hm....OK, this dive is going to be a challenging navigation exercise.
Just to be extra conservative, with Todd not having a working depth
guage, at 70 feet we switched from our 50% oxygen deco bottles to our
backgas of Tx 30/30. Getting around the corner in that part of Point
Lobos is not a straight line affair. Go the wrong way and you end up
in shallow water. It's no fun to be deposited on top of some sharp
rocks as another diver on ba.diving found out, so the shallowest
depths I'll allow myself to go is about 30 feet. So meandering back
and forth we found ourselves in Moss Cove Sand Channel and at 75 feet,
we hit the little wall and off we went at 30 degrees to Mono Lobo Wall.

BTW, Moss Cove is the cove between Whaler's Cove and Monastery Beach.
You can see the cove off of a boat passing by on the way to Point Lobos.

When I showed Todd where we were on the map taped to my scooter, he
gave me this "whatever" look. OK... I'll just make double sure none
of us get separated. We then went west following the Monastery side
contour and after a quick stop to see if we could rescue a large Mola
Mola that got it's fins eaten off, got to the end of Thumbs Up. The
feature was pretty distinctive and we looked around for a second or
two (this was a tour after all) before continuint to the end of the
reef structure.

We got to Wall Street and Beto wanted to stop and sight-see, but I
kept the team moving. Beto had spotted two large Vermillions locked
mouth to mouth in mortal combat, or was it some kind of mating
ritual? Come on Beto, the plan was to tour and not stop and look for
little critters. We continued, got back into Moss Cove Sand Channel,
over into Granite Point Pinnacles and then back into Whaler's Cove.
What a fun dive.

Kind of like riding a motorcycle thru the mountains touring! ;-)
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