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The BAUE team would like to get to know a little more about you. Please answer the following to the best of your ability.

The information you enter will be kept confidential. Only the BAUE directors will be able to view your answers. Additionally, we will only use your e-mail address for purposes of contacting you with questions. We will not sell or give away your e-mail address to other parties.


It is very important to us that members agree to support our goals. Please read the following and indicate whether you agree to support it.

BAUE is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the exploration of the undersea region of northern California. We believe that the safest and most effective method to achieve this goal is to follow the DIR (Doing It Right) philosophy of diving originated by George Irvine and Jarrod Jablonski, and taught through Global Underwater Explorers. We believe strongly in GUE's mission and we actively seek to support them.

Each BAUE member is a representative of the club to the diving public. All actions taken by a club member reflect on the club as a whole and on its other members. Each person will make his own life decisions, however the point of the club is to promote and practice a standardized approach to diving. Safety is paramount to everything we do. The DIR philosophy is an attempt to learn from and prevent accidents. We strongly believe in the value of our system and must insist that our members dive within its framework.

Our four core principles are the unified team, no deep air, diver preparedness and situational awareness. We expect members to adhere to these principles on all sport dives regardless of whether they are part of a BAUE event or not. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to removal from the group. Depending on the incident, a warning may be issued first, however if the infraction is egregious, removal will be immediate.

We strongly encourage members to read and adhere to all GUE standards, but as a minimum we require the following:


  • Must dive within experience and skill limit
  • Must dive with a buddy and agree to a plan before descending
  • Must analyze and properly label the oxygen content of all breathing gas prior to use, on the day of the dive
  • Must always have enough back gas for two divers to safely ascend to the surface or the first gas switch
  • Must not exceed an equivalent narcotic depth of 100±30FSW. Note that oxygen is considered narcotic, thus nitrox will not reduce the narcotic depth. Only a gas such as helium will reduce the END. Therefore END is defined as ((1-FHe)*ATAs)-1) * 33 (10m)))
  • Must not exceed a PPO2 of 1.4ata on the bottom or 1.6ata during decompression and averaging 1.2ata or less
Gear Configuration to Enhance Safety
  • Must use a balanced rig (refer to Dynamic Instability FAQ)
  • Must carry the primary regulator on a "long" hose of at least 40 inches; the primary must be the regulator to be donated. An independent backup 2nd stage (not integrated, eg. a combination 2nd stage and wing inflator) is required, and should be secured with elastic around the diver's neck.
  • Must not use restrictive bands or "bungee" of any sort affixed to the buoyancy cell (wing) (refer to Bungied Wings FAQ))
  • Must mark all stage and decompression bottles prominently with maximum operating depth
  • Must carry at least two working lights on any night or overhead dive
Boat Dives
  • When conducting a boat dive, divers must carry a visible signaling device (sausage, flag, flare, etc.) and the divers must establish a plan with the crew in the event of a drifting ascent.
  • For most of us diving is a recreation intended to help us escape from the stresses in our lives. We expect members to help support the notion of fun while diving and maintain a positive outlook.
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If you do not agree, we would appreciate knowing what you object to:

Informational questions

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How long have you been diving?
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How long have you been affiliated with GUE?
1 - 3 years
3 - 5 years
5 - 7 years
7 - 10 years
Since the beginning
How often do you dive locally?
Almost every week
About twice per month
About once per month
About once every 3 months
About twice per year
Are you crazy? Why would I dive here?
Which GUE certifications do you have?
GUE OpenWater
DIR Fundamentals
GUE Instructor
Who were your instructors and approximately when did you take the classes?
What is your interest in BAUE?
Meet DIR buddies
Participate in projects
Attend events/lectures
Local dive trips
Cool t-shirts
Learn from mentors
BAUE e-mail list
Additional information:
What kinds of projects/activities would you like to participate in?
Teamwork development
Fish counts
Website development
Environmental impact studies
Nudibranch studies
Other (elaborate below)
Additional information - We would like to hear what interests you, and what you are passionate about with regard to diving and potential project participation.
How do you see yourself participating in projects?
Note: We understand that as you gain more experience you may grow into other roles.

Team Leader
Researcher (library, internet, etc)
Website support
Social director
Public speaker (eg present findings to public)
Environmental advocate
Project organizer
Support diver
What do you think you could contribute to BAUE?
Positive attitude
Special skill (photography, videography, scooter, mapping, etc)
Organizational skills
Computer skills
Knowledge of marine life
Teaching ability
Fund raising
Project ideas
Sense of humor
Marine conservation
Project experience
Community outreach
Additional information - We would like to know what your special talents are, and how you would most like to contribute to BAUE as we grow.
Is there anything you'd like to share which hasn't been covered in previous sections? Types of dives you like to do; experience; do you own a boat; favorite color; a good place to eat in Monterey; do you like long walks on the beach; etc.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer this application. We appreciate your membership and look forward to a fantastic and exciting new year.

BAUE Membership Committee