BAUE Membership Information

Welcome! So you are interested in joining our bunch of merry divers! We are always happy to bring in new members.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits for being a BAUE member including:
  1. Access to a buddy list of competent, safe divers, who are among the most active divers in the community.
  2. Access to monthly charters aboard local dive boats.
  3. Participation in research project activities.
  4. Access to ongoing exploration and advanced expedition dives.
  5. Active discussion list
  6. Guidance, training, and mentorship from BAUE members and GUE instructors.
  7. Free seminars, presentations, and training sessions on topics such as underwater photography, species identification, marine conservation, first aid training, etc.
  8. Discounted equipment, services and air/nitrox/trimix fills at participating dive shops

Member Requirements

While our members span the full range of recreational to advanced technical diving abilities, all members share the same basic philosophies of safe diving, environmental conservation, research, and equipment configuration as defined through GUE.

The minimum requirement for membership to BAUE is the successful completion of the GUE Fundamentals class.

Members may not participate on BAUE dives beyond their skill/GUE certification level and are strongly encouraged to respect those limits in their personal diving.

The following list describes what is entailed in becoming a BAUE member.
  1. Successfully complete the GUE Recreational 1, Fundamentals or any of the higher level classes. See the classes web page for more details. Divers who are in the process of completing a Fundamentals class may become provisional members until they complete the course.
  2. Own at least a full set of DIR open water gear, as defined in requirements for the GUE Fundamentals class.
  3. $75 annual dues (a portion of which funds the annual member gift from BAUE).
  4. Display a demonstrated commitment to GUE and safe diving principles through words, actions, and behaviors.
  5. Final membership is dependent on a unanimous vote by the BAUE directors.

In order to participate in official club dives, members must have medical insurance that specifically covers diving activities and recompression treatments with no depth limit or other restrictions. Acceptable options include, but are not limited to, DAN Master Plan and DiveAssure USA Gold. BAUE does not specifically endorse or recommend any particular insurance carrier.

If you would like to begin the membership process, please Fill out an application.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail to: