BAUE Boat Policy

  1. BAUE sponsored Escapade trips will be announced and posted 45 days in advance along with the number of divers needed to make the trip a GO. Recreational trips and 8-hour trips will require at least 12 divers. Tech trips will require at least 6-8 divers.
  2. The cost of the trip will be determined by the number of divers and the duration of the trip. This price will be published at the cutoff date and modified if trip duration changes or additional divers signup after the cutoff date.
  3. Divers must commit to trips 30 days in advance. It is preferable to designate buddy teams for recreational trips and mandatory for tech trips at the time of sign up.
  4. A trip will be deemed either a GO or NO GO, based on sign-ups as of the 30-day cut off date. If there are insufficient sign-ups, the trip will be CANCELLED.
  5. If the trip is a GO, the list of the divers signed up as of the cut off day will be forwarded to Jim Capwell.
  6. Each diver signed up for a trip that is a GO will be charged for the trip regardless of whether the diver attends or not. 
  7. If a diver has to cancel, the diver may provide a BAUE replacement (who is not already signed up for the trip). Financial responsibility rests with the original diver, unless Jim has been notified of the replacement diver prior to the trip.
  8. If a trip is designated a GO and there is room on the boat, additional divers will be permitted to sign up after the 30 day cut-off. A diver signing up after cut off will be charged regardless of whether the diver attends.
  9. If a trip that is a GO is cancelled due to weather or other Captain’s discretion prior to departure, divers will not be charged. If the trip is cancelled after departure, charges will be limited to cover the crew.
  10. BAUE boat trips, Rec or Tec, are restricted to current BAUE members with two exceptions: A BAUE member may sponsor a buddy who is not a BAUE member but who is GUE certified. A special activity may include selected, board approved guests, that are not GUE certified. Prior to the cutoff date BAUE members will be given priority.