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Kawika's Gorgonian Garden -- [View this location only]
Region: Monterey GPS Coords
Access: Boat Level: Advanced
Access Information: A boat diving spot on the deep shale in Monterey Bay.
Terrain: Reef Avg Depth: 115
Max Depth: 130 Min Depth: 105
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A shale reef with a lot of structure including cracks, knobs, overhangs and large mushroom shaped rocks. Kawika's Gorgonian Garden is as advertised covered in lush red gorgonians. Several of the larger rocks have nice patches of Metridium anemones and there are some very nice yellow sulphur sponges as well. This site has incredible fish life including big vermilion and canary rockfish. Unfortunately it also has a significant amount of manmade debris and fishing line. This spot was discovered by Kawika Chetron in 2006 by looking at bathymetry data.