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E3 -- [View this location only]
Region: Carmel GPS Coords
Access: Boat Level: Advanced
Access Information:
Terrain: Pinnacle Avg Depth: 140
Max Depth: 170 Min Depth: 110
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This site is a beautiful pinnacle just outside the Pt Lobos Reserve boundary. There is an abundance of encrusting life in greater multitudes than normally found at these depths. This is most likely due to the generally high visibility (more light reaches greater depths) and good flow of nutrients.

One rather notable feature is the abundance of elephant ear sponges, hence the name Elephant Ear Edge. Gorgonians and corynactis can also be found in large numbers.

Not to be outdone by the invertebrate life, there is plentiful fish in the area. Many rockfish inhabit the area, as well as at least a half-dozen Sheephead.

To view the sonar map of the E3 area, you may follow this link.