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Pinos Buoy Jackpot -- [View this location only]
Region: Monterey GPS Coords 36 38.863
121 56.526
Access: Boat Level: Advanced
Access Information: Site is within stone's throw from the Pt Pinos red bell buoy.
Terrain: Pinnacle Avg Depth: 160
Max Depth: 180 Min Depth: 120
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Pinos Buoy Jackpot a.k.a PBJ is a stunningly beautiful site with sheer granite pinnacles split with a sandy canyon in the middle.

Corynactis covers the top areas from 150ft up with sponges and fields of red gorgonians and some metridiums.

Area has strong currents, often in different directions at different depths. It's location straight out from Point Pinos makes it diveable only on low swell days.