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5/9/2005 Outer Ballbuster aboard Escapade by Clinton Bauder -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Clinton Bauder, John Heimann
Visibility: 10' - 60' Time:2:00 PM
Temp: 51F - 58F Surge:  
Max Depth: 183FSW Avg Depth: 170FSW
Bottom Time: 0:25 Total Time: 1:15
Bottom Gases: 18/45Deco Gases:EAN50,O2
Backgas Config: Double LP104Deco Tanks:AL40,AL80
Deco Profile:
6,4,4,4,4,18,6 up.
Diving with John off of the Escapade. The original plan was to go South and dive Flintstones but the wind really picked up from the South making anything out of the bay dicey at best. We stuck our nose out Point Pinos for a look and quickly retreated into calmer water. We decided to dive a reef outside of Ballbuster that looked promising.

Visibility near the surface wasn't so hot but below 70 feet it opened up nicely to about 60 feet or more. The reef doesn't have the color of some of the Carmel sites but it was still very scenic with a good covering of Metridiums and gorgonians. We saw about every kind of rockfish imaginable including brown, starry, rosy, yelloweye, vermillion, canaries, blues and gophers. Beto also found a torpedo ray.

Video stills can be found here.