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6/25/2005 Mt Chamberlin - South Wall aboard Escapade by Dionna House -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Dionna House, Nick Radov
Visibility: 40' - 50' Time:8:30 AM
Temp: 49F - 51F Surge: 2'
Max Depth: 169FSW Avg Depth: 110FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time: 1:08
Bottom Gases: 21/35Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double HP100Deco Tanks:AL40
Deco Profile:
The seas were flat and we were lucky to have the Escapade all day. What more can we ask for! We headed southbound past Point Lobos and anchored on a spot called Mt Chamberlin. Slight current, but nothing to be to concerned about, since it was a live boat. The buddy teams were Sue Bird and Beto Nava, Clinton Bauder and David Chamberlin, Dionna House and Nick Radov. The depth range was 120ft down to 200ft
Although Beto described the wall running South, we just happened to have been on another reef beside the South wall. We explored the reef running west-east. Nick and I dropped down and found the top of the reef at around 130ish. We both agreed to drop down to 170ft to check it out for a few minutes then come up to 130 and hang out there for most of the dive. We dropped in and out of canyons and finally found 169ft. The vis between 40-50ft. The reef was covered with all the usual species, but what was very noticeable was the Elephant Ear Sponge and the beautiful topography. We made our way up to 130ft as planned and explored the reef until our time was up and we saw lights from a distance. It was Dave and Clinton. Not much longer we saw Sue and Beto. As planned we all met up as a group on our 70ft stop.
Surface Interval: A pod of Risso Dolphin’s came to visit us. We also saw a few humpbacks.
Dive 2:
Fanshell Beach Pinnacle: The top of the pinnacle was 50ish feet and it drop to 120ft Nick Radov decided to sit the second dive out and I was lucky to buddy up with Sue and Beto. We kept our max depth at 100ft. We were fortunate to be able to explore a swim through and on the other side of the swim through, David and Clinton were signaling to us GPO! The GPO was hidden in the cracks. The size of the suckers were pretty large though. Just around the corner, a smaller octopus came out to play with us. Very Sweet!.