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11/16/2005 Naia Wall aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Alberto Nava -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Alberto Nava, Susan Bird
Visibility: 30' - 70' Time:10:00 AM
Temp: 50F - 50F Surge: 3'
Scooter: Gavin Short Burn Time:  
Max Depth: 195FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time:   Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: 18/45Deco Gases:50/25,O2
Backgas Config: Double HP120Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
After two weeks of diving FL springs and caves, and some pretty bad weather this past weekend I was able to get some good local diving done today :-)

Susan and I had booked Phil Sammet's boat for a little Lobos escape. We got to Lobos to find a NE wind which produced 1 to 2 feet wind waves and a few feet swell. Also visibility looked quite good at the boat ramp. We could almost see the sand.

We headed out and dove Naia's wall. This site is located west of Sea Lions Rock and should be dive only with very calm seas as the breakers are very close to the site.

We descended to find an amazing 60-70ft visibility at the top of the pinnacle/wall. From there we made a loop on the south side of the pinnacle while looking for the west wall to start out dive. The base of the wall is about 160ft and runs all the way to 240ft on the northest most part of it.

We scootered for a couple of minutes towards an area we have been calling "fish soup". This is a very interested area as the abundant of fish is amazing. Just before we got there Susan spotted a pretty big rat fish. While we looked at the fish for a few minutes the usual "fish soup" situation developed. It's like all the fish on the wall go check out the visitor divers and there bubbles. Within minutes I could count at least 10 vermillion rock fish in front of me. I took a look around and Sue and I were in the middle of a huge school of fish: rock-fish, lingcods, and many others.

After enjoying all the fish we came back to the wall and scootered it back and forth from depth until we got to the top at 60ft. While at the top of the pinnacle we could see a very strong current on top of us (50-40ft). There were all kind of stuff been push by the current: grass, kelp, jellies, etc. I've never seen a visible current like that before...

We joined the travelling train and completed our deco while drifting for at least 1 mile towards the sea.

With dives like this I'm always happy to come back to our cold water diving :-) No video, but here is a little 3d map of the wall Good diving this weekend!!!