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12/14/2005 Breakwater by Mark Weitz -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Mark Weitz, Anibal Mata-Sol
Visibility: 15' - 25' Time:6:41 PM
Temp: 54F - 55F Surge: 2'
Max Depth: 54FSW Avg Depth: 35FSW
Bottom Time: 1:56 Total Time: 1:56
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double HP100Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
We did a night dive at the BW last night. I don’t get an opportunity to do many night dives so it was pretty cool. It was also my first night dive to the Metridiums, and it was quite a treat.

Dropped down on the Metridium side of the beach in about 20’ of water and headed towards the pipe. There were baitfish everywhere from the start of the dive till we got near the wall. Within 5 minutes I spotted an octopus then a minute later a large (8”) shrimp. Hit the pipe still at about 20’ a few minutes later, and quickly saw another small octo. Headed out the pipe and watched as the shrimp would do a backflip when my light hit them. Hmmm, don’t remember them doing that, but it was cool to watch. Clown Nudibranch on the pipe, and a Sea Hare on top of the pipe at about 35’. A few minutes later we hit a huge school of pipefish. I’m checking them out and sweeping my light around when I spot another octopus with a few tentacles in the air, and watch as it grabs a pipefish. We go over and watch it fight with the two pipefish it has, and as it is being pecked at by other pipefish it slowly subdues the ones in its grasp. Got to the end of the pipe and checked in there, pretty large ling along with a zillion shrimp eyes reflecting red back at me.

Got out to the fields, nothing too unusual there, about 50 / 50 for open and closed. Vis was probably a good 20 – 25’. Saw a fairly large ling in the rocks with a small red shrimp on its body. Not a typical looking cleaner shrimp though.

At 38 minutes we headed towards the wall, saw a few large anemones in the sand in about 50’ of water, nothing else too unusual, till my buddy flashed his light at me, there was a pretty large Bat Ray going by, my first one! It took a bit over 35 minutes to get to they wall, and I was making my way a bit S so we hit it at about 30’. We checked it out for a few minutes, then we headed towards the end of the BW, poking along the rocks on the wall. Some nice corynactus, sponges, clown nudibranch, etc.

I finally started to get a bit cold and it was getting late, so I turned the dive. We started making our way back, and the vis really opened up when we got shallow. At about 15’ the vis was a very clear 25’ and the water was amazing. There were a lot of fish hanging out. The rocks along the wall in the 10 – 20’ range are really amazing, with big openings. Way back in between some there were a few very large green anemones. Then, to finish off the dive (I thought) I found a couple of what looked like very small Noumeaella rubrofasciata on some red algae in about 10’ of water. A second later my buddy points out an even bigger bat ray in 11’. Totally cool!