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11/22/2007 Pt Lobos by Mark Lloyd -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Mark Lloyd, Marlies Lloyd
Visibility: 25' Time:12:00 AM
Temp: 50F - 51F Surge:  
Max Depth: 70FSW Avg Depth: 39FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time: 0:49
Bottom Gases: EAN32Deco Gases:
Backgas Config: Double Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
Marlies and I had a reservation at Lobos today and pulled into Lobos at about 10:30. The ranger told us a group of divers had just pulled in then turned right round and left. Hmmmm.... hope that wasn't due to the conditions. It was bright and sunny so my hopes were up.

It looked surgy but divable so we geared up. We swam out and dropped down with the intention of heading North following middle reef. Down below the vis sucked big time but once at about 60' it opened up to about 20-25 and the surge all but disappeared.

With much of the kelp now dying back its a great time to do some exploring in the areas that you can't normally swim through. Once our time was up we headed back into the pea soup and surfaced about 1/2 way to the boat ramp.
Wow was it surgy there. I have never had such a hard time getting back in. Can you say 'Turtle' ! Yikes.

After doing the Monterey crawl I got my fins off and helped Marlies up. We finished it off with a nice picnic in the sun and a leisurely drive back home.