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4/28/2008 E3 aboard Phil Sammet's RIB by Kevin Dow -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Kevin Dow, Allison Lee, Robert Lee
Visibility: 20' - 40' Time:10:21 AM
Temp: 50F Surge: 1'
Max Depth: 154FSW Avg Depth: 86FSW
Bottom Time:   Total Time:  
Bottom Gases: 21/35Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double HP100Deco Tanks:AL40
Deco Profile:
Team Kitty invited David out with us for the dive. This was his last dive before he leaves for 4 months. The conditions weren't too bad, but it was mostly wind driven waves. Phil didn't recommend going around the point as he felt the conditions would build throughout the day, so we decided on going to E3 and insisting that Phil take us there this time. :)

Conditions shallow were somewhat like what we saw at the Breakwater the previous day. Lots of particulate in the water shallow, but still decent enough viz. Deeper the particulates cleared out to a respectable 30'-40' viz. Several people said it their gauges were reading 46 or so, but I sure didn't feel cold the whole dive. At the start at the dive, we saw an absolutely huge 'dorid' type nudibranch. It had to have been at least a 10" long. Toward the end of the dive, I found two larger Albus' mating. David got some really nice footage of this with his camera. Deco was uneventful, but a bit boring. We ended up doing 130' for 35 minutes w/ 25 minutes of deco.

At the 10 foot stop we could really feel the waves pushing us about and the surface had gotten a quite a bit more sporty. We ditched our gear and got out of there. Lunch was at Siamese Bay.

Pictures here.