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8/11/2010 Naia Wall aboard Escapade by Alberto Nava -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Jim Capwell
Visibility: 40' - 60' Time:10:30 AM
Temp: 50F - 55F Surge: 2'
Max Depth: 174FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time: 1:00 Total Time: 1:40
Bottom Gases: 18/45Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
We tried to celebrate Jim's birthday last Friday with a dive outing, but we could not get crew to help on the boat :-(. We decided to re-schedule for Wed as the seas were looking better. As it turn out that was a good decision as the seas were totally flat today and the fog was high on the sky.
We chatted about going to BSB but looking at the fuel cost we decided to settled for a local site. With such a flat seas there were only two options: Naia walls, or Ed Copper Wall. Jim picked Naia wall and we deployed the down-line.
The waves were very small at the near-by breakers so we geared up and heading down the line.
We reached the top of the pinnacle at about 60ft, and descended on the South side of the wall. This is a vertical drop from 60 to about 160ft. We could see the bottom from 100ft so at least 50-60ft vis.
We scooters West on the wall for about 5min and then took a detour South-West. We found some very nice canyon and overhangs and settled there to enjoyed the view. You can see the bottom at about another 50ft and there were colourful walls all over around. Sweet!
We headed back to the wall and west NW towards the end. We found a huge school of baby rockfish. We enjoyed swimming in circle inside the school and see all the fish move and swam with us.
We headed back to the based on the pinnacle and enjoyed a nice multi-level dive all the way to the top. There were tons of decorate crabs, and some very large nudies. Longer than my hand.
After about 60min we were ready to let the structure go. We decided to ascend on the up-line as there was very little current. As we got towards the top the current picked-up a little bit so we used our scooter to stay in place.
Vis was 40-60ft, and temp was 50F at the based and 55ft during deco.
On the way back we had two friendly whales hang around the boat. Should have brought the camera.
Let's hope the weather stay like this for the weekend :-)