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8/28/2011 Xanadu aboard Escapade by Alberto Nava -- [View this report only]
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Bottom Team: Susan Bird, Alberto Nava
Visibility: 10' - 100' Time:2:00 AM
Temp: 48F - 53F Surge:  
Max Depth: 201FSW Avg Depth:  
Bottom Time: 0:40 Total Time: 1:30
Bottom Gases: 18/45Deco Gases:EAN50,O2
Backgas Config: Deco Tanks:
Deco Profile:
On Sunday we had the Escapade for an all Big Sur tech trip. As always weather does what ever it wants during our tech trips so we ended having a very foggy day (no the F word). We went for breakfast at the Breakfast Club giving some time for the fog to lift, and headed out at about 10am.

There was not hope for BS Banks, and even around Yankee the surface visibility was too low for doing any tech diving.

We finally settled for diving around the Lunaticos/Outer Outer Pinnacles area, and we dropped the downline at one of Wings Stock's diving places, and descended to find 80ft visibility. I can't recalled if I dove this before but by looking at the sonar data it looked like a 800ft long wall in the SE direction. Which such a good visibility Susan and I could not avoid but hitting the based of the pinnacle at about 200ft and headed in SE direction for about 10min. The terrain was great with all kind of towers and canyons to scooter th and tons of vase sponges. Our favorite one had a juv yellow eye sitting at the opening of the sponge. We got to the end of the wall in about 10min and were not 100% sure we'll be able to make it on the west side, so we back-tracked our steps. On the way back we moved east about 100ft from the wall and could easy see John, Clinton and Dionna at the wall. Easy way to navigate.... follow their lights back :-). After about 20min at the base we reached a split on the wall and headed to 150ft for another 20min of playing on the shallow. There were tons of gorgonias and a very nice school of juv rockfish dacing around the top of the pinnacle.

During the end of the day we experienced a very amazing changed in water visibility. We noticed a large shadow around us and as we looked West we could see a dark wall moving towards us. In about 3min vis went from 80ft to 10ft, and it became a night dive as we were engulf by murky water full of invertebrates. On the positive side, that water was 53F which made it for a nice warmer deco.

Here are some images from Rob and CLinton.

Here is a link for a sonar
map of the site.

Another grand day out!