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2/23/2003 Butterfly Outer aboard Unknown Boat by Sami Laine -- [View this report only]
Bottom Team: Clinton Bauder, Sami Laine
Visibility: 20' - 35' Time:10:53 AM
Temp: 52F Surge: 5'
Max Depth: 95FSW Avg Depth: 70FSW
Bottom Time: 0:30 Total Time: 0:39
Bottom Gases: 30/30Deco Gases:EAN50
Backgas Config: Double LP104Deco Tanks:AL40
Deco Profile:
min deco
A second dive of the day for Clinton and me; this time we concentrated more on practice and less on sightseeing. I told Clinton that we have to see the end of his reel, and he obliged :-)

Practicing tieoffs, Clinton took us along the outer pinnacle structures of Butterfly house heading straight west. We really didn't see much worth reporting, and probably not because it wasn't there: we just missed it!

On our return to the boat I also practiced deploying the backup mask while doing a stop. Listening to your ears for depth guidance while doing this is tricky, but it could have been worse; Clinton needed to give me some control inputs but we got the job done.